Time Line

     The floor set up and break down will be determined by the rental location and location where the floor will be unloaded from the truck. When the floor is unloaded, the panels will be stacked onto carts to move into a staging location for the setting up. If there are artwork, stickers and game lines that need to be added to the floor, it will take few hours to get the additional artwork laid out on the floor. It’s very important to coordinate with all the vendors, space requirements and order of set up.

Layout & Artwork

     Any “sticker-type” artwork can be added to the floor. There are many variations available. We’ll do a complete layout to scale allowing you to see exactly how the floor will look before you rent it.

     It is important to have 1-3 weeks of artwork design time before the floor is set up. We will have to provide an approved layout, have the stickers printed and shipped before the floor is ready to set up.